A scrimshaw from 2006 called 'Life Pursuits' (you'll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page). An apt work for us at the moment. This work now lives in a cabinet with some real scrimshaw in Nashville, Tennessee.
I haven't made many more scrimshaw over the past year as they've seemed to have been replaced by my cruz de las animas that I've been making and painting. They are very similar in content even though they're very different, physically speaking.
Originally, I started making these historical objects if I wanted a real one but couldn't get one, same with the ex-votos and the crucifixes. The tables have somewhat turned as I haven't been able to secure a real scrimshaw after a decade of making them...and now I've stopped making them, yet I continue the ex-votos and retablos, having purchased several of them over the last three years. I'm not giving up hope in getting a scrimshaw, it's just that I'd have to sell four of mine to be able to purchase a real one.

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