The large painting on the wall behind the two people on the left is called A Faux-Construction Epitomizing Some Western Ideas of Whanau Through Trompe L'oeil Frivolity (2008, oil on linen and plastic, 1400 x 1030mm). You can see more images of it here on my blog or here on the PAULNACHE website.
This is a favorite painting of mine as has all the hallmarks of what I'm interested in - frames within frames, loose painting and tight painting, illusionistic objects that sit on the picture plane (in this case, two crossed 2 x 4's) multiple narratives in the painting, genealogy, painting influences and supportive friends.
On this painting, I glued on, painted over
and integrated several CDs into the composition. They were lying around in my studio, CD's that I didn't listen to anymore or so badly scratched, they wouldn't play on my stereo system. I used them as a way to solve compositional issues in the painting. It was a spur-of-the-moment reaction to subside desperation and, in this case, it seemed to work. I've tried it again since, but it didn't work a second time. I guess the muse was on my side that day.

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