In an effort to make our move a bit more seamless, I've painted a couple of smaller versions of paintings I really like (that I've painted) to take over with me. They are tending to be direct scaled copies at present (as below: a copy of 'Half & Half, in stock at Mark Hutchins Gallery, Wellington), but of course things change subtly when scaled either up or down, so I've had to assess them, not only on their own merits as autonomous works, but also whether they have something of what the first work had, which of course is a dilemma as then you have to work out what it was about the original painting that you really liked.
I think this one is OK and I like it on a smaller scale, but I might make a few minor adjustments for my own sanity. I've given this one a different title though - between learning and reading up recently on the US constitution and assessing this painting compositionally, I thought the title 'Checks and Balances' would suit it. The scales are a good 'in' to the symbolism, but I couldn't bring myself to painting a blind-fold on the figure's face.

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