Below is the invitation to my upcoming show at PAULNACHE in New Zealand, the gallery already has the works online to view here. All the paintings have been executed while living in the USA and are a selection of direct reactions to, or mulled-over meditations of living in the USA.
The image below, 'Vision in the Meadows' (
2011, Oil on metal, 200 x 270mm/ 8" x 10 1/2") depicts a devil on a toilet, an image that appears on Mexican black velvet painting, doing the devil's work, painting, in the outskirts of 'the fertile meadows/plains', which is the English translation of Las Vegas, named after the Artesian springs discovered in the valley of the area in 1829.
He has symbols of studio practice around him, the ever-pressing notion of time, the divine eye, art materials (the reversed canvas), cheese for subconscious inspiration and the egotistical notion of the need to feed something into society.

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