Another exhibition invitation to another group exhibition I'm in, this time in Barcelona, Spain:

CMTV Gallery invites you to the exhibition:

The Seven Deadly Sins
Opening: 7:30pm, 9th December, 2010

10th of December 2010 - 29th January 2011

The Seven Deadly Sins are a classification of the human vices found in Christianity and Catholicism. As mentioned in the first lessons, they have been part of Western tradition for centuries. Artists have addressed these vices and have made interpretations that serve as a cultural and moral witness to specific eras of our history.

CMTV Gallery, with the aim of updating this topic, commissioned eight international artists to create an artwork of predetermined format (90 x 90 cm). based on one of the cardinal sins. The objectives of this exhibition are to reflect on these ever-current vices, while promoting artistic dialogue between continents and countries.

Each artist has their own unique style, yet there are common elements running throughout the exhibition including irony, metaphor; the desire for beauty, the combination of religion and popular culture; the influence of surrealism and the return of the human form - aspects that reflect contemporary art practice in this time.

List of guest artists: Spain: Gonzalo Rueda (Pride), José Luis Serzo (Greed), Dani Torrent (Gluttony), Rubenimichi (Lust); USA: Tim Hooper (Envy), Bethany Marchman (Sloth); New Zealand/USA: Matthew Couper (Wrath).
Sergio Mora (gallery manager) curator of the exhibition.

Artist Website links:
Matthew Couper
Tim Hooper
Dani Torrent
José Luis Serzo
Bethany Marchman
Gonzalo Rueda
Sergio Mora

More information:

Tel: + 34 93 319 0819
Sant Pere Mes Alt 36
08003 Barcelona

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