I was looking through a Milan Kunc book I bought recently and spied a milk carton, similar to the ones I painted in 1997 (mentioned in this blog) and also in my 2008 painting 'Travelling May Induce Calcium Deficiency'. We both have used a 'milch' label, which I decided to use as when we were travelling around Germany in 2008, there was some conspiracy with dairy processing plants in Germany at the time - something to do with milk tampering of some sorts. I also included 'malk' which comes from a Simpsons episode where Springfield Elementary needed to make budget cuts so they supplied the students with 'malk'.
I've been looking at my 'Calcium Deficiency' painting recently because I've decided to do another version of it, up-scaled and with a few different techniques. I've specifically remodelled the figure's face, combining a three-quarter view of the Sphinx's head with a three-quarter view of Angelina Jolie's face. There's a few other aspects i'll be tweaking or roughing up, as the painting needs...

left: Milan Kunc, Easy Rider, 1992

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