JAMES CASWELL TELLS IT LIKE IT IS: I received this email update the other day:

"...It's my belief that in a world of evaporating value...
ancient objects will forever maintain an importance.
Being genuine expressions of extinct cultural practices
and reflecting spiritual beliefs long disappeared,
they're products of vanished artistic traditions
significance will never diminish.

Though we're awash in contemporary ignorance and

venality they exist in a realm secure from our
near-sighted and narrow-minded modern society.
Drowning in mega-tons of worthless junk destined for
the dumpster, we're challenged to find anything that
truly expresses who we are and what we believe..."

This is one of Jim's harder-line commentaries, yet they are still words that resonate strongly with me as he's talking directly to my context and time. Rather than have a cry about it, isn't it better to realise that these are true words and, as purveyors of culture, work harder to make better images? When I read this email, it reminded me of a Smithsonian lecture by Dave Hickey about the evils of Creationism - ideas that he's been kicking around for a while, soon be be released in a new publication.
Anyway, below is an example of one of James' new listing
s on his website.

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