A new ceramic piece I've had to remake. The original one on the left was the first of the new group of ceramics II've been making for Malfunction Baroque. I've had issues from the start with the crucifix breaking off its base a few times and also, because added at a later date, a couple of the feet fell off a couple of times. The whole object was held together with glaze... It went through the under-glaze firing ok, but after the clear-glaze firing (which is a heck of a lot hotter than the under-glaze firing) the base slumped in the middle as there was no support for the weight of the crucifix. A couple of days later, the crucifix cracked off the base. It was definitely the runt of the litter.
The new piece I've made is in two parts - the base and the crucifix, which I'll fire separately and then join together in the clear-glaze firing. I've also put feet under the middle section of the base for support.
Fingers crossed...

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