Today on Facebook, I was asked to explain a painting, or myself, from 2005.
I ended up answering:

'It's not enough for me to watch a single football game. I want to see two football games played at the same time on a field that cross over each other. I want the half times to be staggered so there is play all the time. I'm happy for the o...range boys to run on the field too, rather than the players leave the field. I want the player to be able to play any field position in the team and be able to use their hands, even if they're not playing goalee. When the game is close to finishing, I'll get nervous because I want it to continue, so I'd happily be able to pick the players I enjoyed watching the most and make them play in the next game, but of course they'll get too tired and let me down, so I'll need new players, but perhaps not football players.'

I resent handing over answers. If I knew what it meant in the way that people want to know what it means, I'd hesitate because it's then presented in words and in a manner to resolve or make succinct and it becomes that. In the end, the answer will be different according to what I'm specifically asked or wanting to elaborate on.

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