MIERCOLES, EL SIETE DE OCTUBRE, DOS MIL NUEVE (!Feliz cumpleanos Thom E. Yorke!)
On Sunday, I mentioned a crucifixion drawing by San Juan de la Cruz that came to him in a vision. I remembered I used the image on a small transportable devotional painting I did in 2005. These were an odd group of works, intuitively unravelled after a big overseas trip to the UK, USA and Europe in 2004. This particular work, called Bath Salts, was in reaction to a residency I'd completed in Arbroath, Scotland a year before. This is where the Scottish Declaration of Independence was signed. In turn, America used this document as a framework for their declaration. So, I wanted to link it back to New Zealand and this double-panelled, double-sided painting was the outcome.
I think I used the San Juan drawing (seen below, detail and with relic in frame) to describe the concept of perspective, not as in Alberti but as in a particular attitude towards, or a way of regarding something in particular.
The oblique title refers to the small images around the edges of the top canvases - taken from old New Zealand notes, once released from their numerical currency context, for me, they took on the form of those candy-looking cakes you throw in the bath.
Unravelled intuition indeed.

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