If I had a spare couple of grand, I'd be heading over to London to see 'The Sacred Made Real' at the National Gallery in London. I've had a look through the catalogue and although having had seen some of the works already in the Prado and Nat Gall, it would be educational to see all the works together in the space - the paintings playing of the polychrome carvings and vice versa.
I emailed a friend in London the other day and he mentioned he'd been to see it a couple of weeks ago, "...was fascinated, not just by the technical skill but the morbidity (the Spanish still have it in shovelfuls) which I loved..."
I'd also been keen to see how the curator organises the work in the show, whether it recreates how the art relates to the each other as it would in a church, or pairing them up by their saintly identity, or by pure aesthetic similarities.

below: Gregorio Fern├índez and unknown polychromer, ‘Dead Christ’,
c. 1625–30, Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid.

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