A new ex-voto that's in my upcoming three-person exhibition at Paper-Works in Napier, opening this Thursday. I displayed the work on the right, Recession Timepiece, at the Sarjeant Gallery until it was knocked off its plinth at a private function. Although damaged, it could have been a lot worse than it was. I had to separate out the two frames of the main box and glue them back together as they had split apart on impact with the ground and I had to remake the frame that holds the mirror and reversed canvas. Then a repaint touch-up. I'm so glad that the mirror didn't break, not because of superstition but because there is a painted dove on the reverse side of it.
To ease my pain though, Recession Timepiece, along with another box construction has been accepted for the Creative Hawkes Bay Invitational 2010 at the Hastings City Art Gallery. It will be good to have the ex-voto on the left on display in Napier while the actual object will be exhibited in Hastings.

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