I've been thinking about this whole 'left-handed' thing that I've been blessed/cursed with. Of course one of the most important texts on the subject, is in storage in New Zealand, so I'll have to make do with the internet, but will have to cross-reference everything as the internet is notorious for factual error, well, not the internet, but the people able to upload to it.
I've decided to start curating an exhibition about the subject. A mix of extant works I know of and works I'd like to commission by artists who I think will tackle the subject interestingly.
When it comes to being left-handed, I usually think of the negative things that annoy me, such as smudging ink while writing, sports equipment and, as you can see in the last post, guitars.
I'm painting a larger painting at the moment based on the theme of 'wrath of the left-hander'

(below) an ex-voto
celebrating Left-Handed day in 2007.

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