Recently completed paintings, destined for Brooklyn, New York. Some are developments from previous paintings and drawings, (the Nubian carving in the blender, the broken heart, la Mano Poderosa, the sphinx, the Chardin painting monkey) and some are new developments from drawings and sketches since moving to the USA. The devil on the toilet painting comes from a tradition of velvet paintings that I recently discovered on the internet, once I discovered it for myself, it seemed to keep popping up everywhere (google devil on the can/john/toilet an you'll come up with several examples on Ebay, etc.) I like the devil for a couple of reasons - I see it as a follow-on from the caganer tradition in Spain and also it reminds me of a statement by Russian painter Kasimir Malevich who stated that ikon painters from Russia painted the hairs on the devil's tail the same way they'd paint the hairs on God's interesting painting dilemma. I haven't got the source for the quote as I remember reading it over a decade ago, if I remember correctly, in a Harold Rosenberg article.

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