A little experiment - I spilt some indian ink the other day over some pieces of aluminum that I had laid out ready to prime for oil paintings. It was damned expensive ink too, so I spread it over a couple of the pieces and let it dry. This afternoon, while watching a doco on Delacroix, I picked up the piece and started scratching into it with a compass. It reminded me of the scraperboard drawings we did at school, but those ones were on cardboard prepared with a layer of clay, then covered with indian ink. In a way I like this better as you get the glistening of the shiny metal when exposed. You can see in the photo below, there were some areas where the ink didn't take to the surface of the metal as there must have been some oil-based residue on the surface, which acted as a resist to the ink and when scratching into it, whole flakes came off. Something I'll need to assess if I want to use this medium and technique.

I like how this technique lines up with my scrimshaw which are halted at present due to not having the tools to make them. This is like the photographic negative of them.

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