screen shot of the Las Vegas episode of The Ethical Hedonist. Presenter Bob Kelly came to Las Vegas to not only check out the casinos but to see what type of art is being made here. He visited Jo and I in our studios and then we took him around the local 'Arts Factory'. The photo below was part of the filming at Blackbird Studios.
From the website:
'Las Vegas: Bob Kelly time in Las Vegas starts by experiencing some of the hedonistic highlights of the city: incredible hotels, swim up blackjack, huge trampolines, big shows and helicopter rides over the nearby grand canyon, before meeting up with some true Las Vegans and going out to a local burlesque evening. It is then time for Bob to start giving back so he offers himself for a day volunteering with international organisation, Habitat for Humanity, who build low cost housing for families in need. Being a big fan of golf, Bob then arranges a round with members of the local Native American nation, the Paiute, at the course they own where he learns more about the current state of their culture. Bob is lucky to meet Oscar B Goodman, the ex-mayor and ultimate spokesperson for Las Vegas, and spend some time following this charismatic gentleman to his appointments and engagements. Finally, he is taking a helicopter ride out of the city for the day to fly over, and land in the Grand Canyon. Duration: 60'

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